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Setup your business website in minutes!

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Mini Website
Virtual Office

Showcase your business, what you do, your portfolio and contact information in a beautifully designed landing page. It can be setup in just a few minutes with your phone, tablet or PC. Simply select a template from our creative & mobile friendly collection and replace contents with yours.
It's that simple!

Online Store
Virtual Shop

Put your products online for your customers to see and buy from you wherever they are. With easy to manage dashboard and mobile friendly templates, you can setup your virtual shop in minutes.

Direct Whatsapp Messaging

Allows customers chat you up on whatsapp

Easy to Setup and Manage

Just like creating a social media account, setting up and managing your eOffice is very easy.

Why you need an eOffice!

Just as you need a physical office so people in your locality can see and contact you, same way you need an eOffice so people anywhere can see what you do and contact you.

Be Found On Google

eOffice gives your business an opportunity to be found on Google or other search engines, not just on social media.

Share Your Portfolio

eOffice makes it possible to share your portfolio with prospective customers who can't make it to your physical office. Just send your eOffice address.

Sell More

Research shows that currently more trade happens online than offiline. eOffice gives you a chance to reach more people and make more sales.

eOffice NG is a product of EasyWebsite Nigeria. It helps business owners create an online version of their business at the lowest possible cost.

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